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Take up HR payroll services help with burgeoning red tape

Despite governmental pledges to address the overriding problem of unfeasible amounts of red tape, costing British businesses £112 billion to administer, 2011 did not prove to be the year in which the promised positive changes became a reality. On the contrary, newly introduced sets of rules and regulations collectively phased in by the Department for the Environment, the Government Equalities Office and the Home Office resulted in an additional £100 million worth of red tape. Taking in to account the reductions that have been achieved in other departments, businesses are actually faced with a £51 million leap in extra red tape.

Whilst this affects different businesses in different ways, many who take up outsourced help and expertise from HR payroll companies find that their understanding of their obligations is clearer, transitions are more seamless and necessary resources are minimised. This is due in part to the fact that a key role played by HR payroll specialists is to remain on top of evolving legislation that impacts their client’s businesses. They ensure that their clients remain continuously compliant by helping them to filter in the changes.

Furthermore, service providers offering HR payroll solutions to businesses do so on a partially managed basis or a fully managed basis as best befits budgets and specific needs. Dependent upon individual agreements, a HR payroll company is often able to advise and guide businesses through the changes they need to make to processes and procedures. In some cases, the nature of the necessary changes might require more immediate and hands on attention from the outsourced specialist, falling directly under the banner of their duty of care to their clients.

At Moorepay, the time-served HR payroll services we provide to numerous different sizes and types of businesses offers them assurance that, when they are faced with additional red tape that affects human resources and payroll, we are on hand to inform and guide transitions as painlessly as possible.

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