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Amaze your customers with a stone grill which allows you to cook on stone.

When planning any type of special event or maximising the interest in your establishment whether it be a cruise liner, hotel, pub or restaurant you really need to stand out from the rest. Everyone wants something different and what way to do that than with a unique interactive dining experience where your food is cooked at the table with the use of a stone grill? When you cook on hot stones not only is the food delicious but the overall experience will be a talking point for months afterwards.

At Blackock Grill we have taken the age old practice where you cook on hot stones and added our own innovative twist and brought this catering phenomenon to the masses as an aesthetically astounding live cooking station. Not only does the stone grill look great it is also a completely interactive service meaning you can make your food cooked to your exact personal taste.

Blackrock Grill is an innovative, forward thinking business specialising in the design, supply, installation and maintenance of stone grills providing the most fantastic live cooking stations. We are based in Basingstoke but have been servicing forward thinking companies all over the UK since we began on this journey in 2005. Although a modern thinking company we stick by our old fashion values which has stood us in good stead, we believe in providing a highly professional, quality service with excellent products and a complete back up service at the most competitive of prices.

Our ability to ability to bring you the very best and reliable method to cook on stones comes from our worldwide search for the best products, the stones are the very best volcanic rocks from Africa, the ceramic plates from China and the ovens which come with a 5 year warranty are UK manufactured. We offer a free demonstration on the stone grill and then the option to buy out right or through a lease option.

Call us on 0125 6359 858 for further information or visit us online to get a taste of the experience.



Cook on Hot Stone is what our company provide at blackrockgrill.com. We provide the highest quality Stone Grill as well at the very best price – Visit our website today for more information!