The IT or Information Technology industry is one of the few industries to buck the global downward trend. Even now it is virtually recession proof.

This is not surprising when you consider that almost everything we use and do in our lives relies heavily on technology. Even simple items like kettles contain circuit boards and chips. Of course, these chips and boards do not change much, so not much work comes from this particular example. However, at some stage someone with IT skills was involved in designing the circuit board, and the firmware for the chip.

However, the shape and design of the kettle and to some extent how it works does change. Therefore, the way the kettle is manufactured has to change, and because it is made mostly by machines, someone with IT skills will be involved in changing the manufacturing process. They may write a small piece of software or firmware to change the way the production line works or a new piece update the firmware on the kettle’s chip. In addition, the factory that makes the kettles will use software to monitor its raw materials, make sure that staff are paid, measure energy consumption and a multitude of other small but important tasks.

Demand for IT Skills Will Always Be High

The kettle example is replicated across every industry. Wherever you look, technology is used. Name any industry or product and you will discover that IT is used within it.

This level of reliance means that there will always be work for people with the right IT skills. Programmers, computer engineers, network managers are just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of roles to choose from, so working in IT is always interesting. The fact that there is so much choice means that anyone can find an IT job that they will really enjoy.

Finding IT Work

The first step to finding IT work is getting qualified. Most people begin their training at school. However, it is possible to learn remotely as an adult. There are plenty of online courses available, and many of the ones that will teach you the basics are free.

Once you are qualified visit the IT job board at. There you will find hundreds of well paid job opportunities.