IT Recruitment Made Easy

Even in a climate where work is in short supply, finding the right people for the job can still be difficult. There are plenty of people available to work, but not all of them have the skills that you need. This is particularly true if you are looking for people with IT skills. Relatively few people have the right skill set, which means that you have quite a small pool of potential candidates.

If you are an IT firm, you will already be quite skilled at finding and recruiting people with the right qualifications. However, it is only Information Technology firms who need people with IT skills. Many SMEs need computer engineers to maintain their network of computers and other machinery that relies on software to run. At the very least they need a network manager. This article is designed to help them with their recruitment rather than firms for whom Information Technology is their core business.

Go Where the Skills Are

When filling any position with a requirement for a very specific skill set you need to make sure that you advertise in the right place. You need to make sure that the eyes of the people with the right skills will fall upon your job advert.

Given that very few people looking for IT work read a newspaper for the purposes of job hunting, putting an advert in the paper is a bit of a waste of time. Some read the trade press, so advertising there can make sense, but only for certain kinds of roles. Posting on college job boards is another option that can work. However, both of these approaches are not as effective as posting your job on the net.

Why Use the Web to Fill IT Vacancies

The vast majority of IT professionals look for work on the web, so if you want them to see your job advert that is where you must post it. The more targeted the site you advertise the job on is, the better. If you post your vacancies on an IT related job board, you are far more likely to find people with the right skills, than if you advertise on a general job board.

Positing your job on the IT job board at CWJobs will ensure that you find the people you need as quickly as possible.