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Why Petite Dresses Could Offer the Perfect Fit

It can be difficult when looking for an off the peg number for a special occasion, to find a dress that fits you exactly. Sleeve length can occasionally seem disproportionate compared to the rest of the garment, or the length can be longer than you would like. Especially with the current trend for long maxi dresses you can end up tripping over all of the excess material as some designers seem to be under the impression that the average height of the female British population is around 5′ 7″; unfortunately the majority of the female population don’t quite measure up to their statistics.

Try a Different Range

It might be that you have always excluded petite dresses from the clothing that you look at thinking that they were meant for a totally different body type to your own. It may well be that once you try a petite fit garment that you never look back, the sleeve length may turn out to be just right and you probably won’t be tripping over the hem lines either. What you will find though is that the sizes will be the same as you would normally buy, but where other garments from the normal ranges have gaped at the neck or sagged in other places these will fit you just that little bit better, making the overall fit much more comfortable.

Try Before You Buy

The next time that you order clothing online or are taking clothes into a fitting room, select one from the regular selection and another garment in the same size from the petite section and see just how they compare for comfort and fit. You may find that you have been walking past or overlooking a whole range of clothing that you could have loved, would have fitted you well and would have made you look stunning.

Next time you are browsing online make a point of looking at the petite range; you may find that there is a piece there that you have been looking for that fulfils all of your requirements for a special occasion, which you would normally have overlooked.

Petite dresses are a life saviour for many women across the UK and with many styles now available there is no reason why you shouldn’t look just as fabulous as your taller friends and acquaintances.