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Advice for selling a disputed property after death

A problem which happens across the threshold of many local estate agents from time to time concerns families who are selling a home following the death of their parents. These often can stay on the market for years, sometimes be quite fractious affairs and lead to a great deal of frustration and despair for everyone involved.

An issue which is most often the cause of problems is in agreeing what should be done with the property. Naturally enough, many people can have problems with selling a long-term ‘family home’, but also cannot bear to let it. Though hard, working to reach an agreement as quickly as possible in this regard will be a positive step.

An issue which often causes many problems is when only some siblings are named as an executor and others are not. All too often when this happens, the executor can make decisions not necessarily suited to what is best for the estate or its beneficiaries, such as rejecting reasonable offers.

If this does happen, it is always good to get round a table and discuss the problem. One solution which can work very well is for the named executor to wind up the estate and transfer the property over to all siblings, whereby everyone becomes a joint partner.

Should this not be practical, it is important that the executor is prepared to meet with the estate agent and discuss pricing. It can be easy to set unrealistic prices, again as a result of emotional ties, so being able to have this explained by a detached and professional third party can help provide focus.

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