If you have properties that are being built, or that are in the process of being refurbished finding buyers for them can be difficult. However, cash flow means that you often need to sell at least one of the properties to get the money to be able to continue with the rest of the development and building work. Therefore, selling a property quickly can be crucial to the overall success of a project.

By far the best way to attract buyers, in the early stages of a project, is to finish off a property and set it up as a show home. It is hard for most people to visualise what a half built or refurbished property will look like. It is therefore hard for them to see themselves living in that property.

If your development is still on paper it is even more important to finish one property to show prospective buyers. Most people cannot judge scale when they only see a plan, they usually see the rooms in their minds eye as being much smaller than they are in reality.

Ensure Your Show Home is finished to a High Standard

Clearly, it is important to finish a show home to a high standard. In terms of decor and finish, it needs to be flawless. People will spend time poking around a show home in a way they would not if they were buying a property from a private buyer. They will open cupboards, even move furniture around to get a different perspective. Most show homes experience a lot of foot traffic, this means that the flooring you choose must be of a high standard.

It is extremely important to furnish a show home to a high standard. People will sit on the sofa to chat about the house; they will pull out the dining room chairs and go through their checklist and other documentation. This is all good because it means that they feel comfortable in that house. The fact it is comfortable brings them a step closer to buying or renting that property. Those potential buyers have already formed a connection with your property, which could help them to decide to make an offer.



If you are setting up show homes in London contact Emblem Furniture, we can rent you everything you need to make prospective buyers and tenants fall in love with your property.