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Improving Your Front Garden

It is surprising how much more attention is paid to back gardens than to the front. Whilst there will usually be a great deal more space to get creative in the back garden, far fewer people will actually get to see and enjoy the back garden. Indeed, the front garden will usually be the place where the majority of people will form their opinions about your home.

As such, taking some time to consider how best to improve your front garden can bring some surprising benefits. Whilst you may not want to spend your summers sunbathing in the front garden under the scrutiny of every single neighbour or passer-by, there is still plenty that can be done to not only ensure your front garden is more attractive, but that you want to spend more time in it, too.

Curb appeal is important for many reasons. Not only will your home seem more inviting to you every time you arrive home, but when it comes to selling, you will likely have a lot more interest in your property. There are plenty of items of garden furniture which will be as at home in the front garden as they will in the back. So, whether you choose planters and benches to help you relax or you simply wish to utilise attractive wooden garden furniture to cover eyesores, there will be many reasons why garden furniture is as useful out front as it is out back.

For those with little time for gardening, consider using low maintenance solutions for your front yard. For instance, use low maintenance plants that require little care – take a look at what your local council plant on roundabouts or public gardens and verges. Plus, use plenty of ground cover such as ferns or use decorative shingle or bark.

Consider taking note of what is popular in the US where they put a bench or lounge chairs in a front porch. A welcoming display can be made of careful planting and a cluster of lounge chairs and a table or a bench. Also, if lucky enough to have a tree in your front garden, a tree bench can make another attractive feature.

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