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Why Choose Stall Skins Over Rubber Stall Mats?

Horse people know what they like. From saddles to rubber stall mats, they all have an opinion. The following statements reflect why horsemen everywhere have chosen Stall Skins over rubber horse mats — including price (Stall Skins are half the cost of rubber stall mats), ease of installation, reduced odor, less quantity of shavings, and huge savings of time and labor.

“Before we built our barn our horses were boarded where there were cement stall floors covered with rubber stall mats. Urine pooled in the stalls and the shavings got dirty. I researched stall floor options, found Stall Skins and decided that the reasonable price was worth giving them a try. I cannot say enough good things about Stall Skins! I installed them myself and I’ve waited 9 months before writing just to see how they held up. They are still like new. The urine drains nicely into the sandy gravel. The stalls are easy to clean, even with my messy mare, because there just isn’t a lot of urine to stir around (like with rubber stall mats) when she walks in circles. There is virtually no urine smell. Thank you for a wonderful product at a fair price!” — A.S., Maine

“We love Stall Skins! They are in all of our stalls and corrals, too. I pressure-wash them as often as needed, and my barn never smells. I live above the barn, so keeping things clean is a must. I use less than 1/4 of a bag of shavings for each stall, which is a whole lot less than with rubber horse mats.” — D.H., North Carolina

“I am thrilled with your product! I’ve used Stall Skins for over 5 years, and have yet to replace one. And I have pretty tough horses — pacers, weavers and pawers. I even had a draft horse paw on a Stall Skin for 3 years without even a wear mark. It truly is a durable product!” — K.M.B., Maine

“We built a barn and did not like the idea of rubber stall mats due to the wetness remaining on top and the shifting that happens with rubber stall mats. We were impressed by Stall Skins and how the wetness was transferred through the material. We couldn’t be happier with the performance of Stall Skins! The installation is a breeze and they do not shift or bunch up like rubber stall mats. The wetness is wicked through the permeable material and has saved us considerable money in shavings as well as labor. The Stall Skins we installed three years ago have been extremely durable and remain like new. They have paid for themselves many times over in what we’ve saved in bedding. Our horses’ feet have vastly improved from not having to stand in wet shavings.” — B.C., Virginia

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