Choose a Great Wall Steed for Performance and Quality

Anyone who is in the market for a pick-up which really packs a punch should look no further than the Great wall Steed which is one of the finest quality pick-up’s ever to have been manufactured. The vehicle is a dream to drive. Powerful, comfortable, and reliable; it would be hard to find a better pick-up no matter how hard you tried.

Powerful Performance

Weighing in just short of the two ton mark the great wall Steed is a sturdy, safe and reliable car, but despite its weight, it is also a very agile vehicle, which is easy to control, thanks in no small part to its top-rate steering system which allows the car to be driven in pretty much any terrain without losing any of its ability.


The Great wall Steed features a double cabin and plenty of space for ferrying around the family, shopping, luggage, or very heavy loads. This means that it can be used either as a family car, or as a work vehicle for tradesmen.


A powerful vehicle, the Steed packs a punch with either a 2.5TGi or 2.4MPI engine, depending on the model. This ensures that the vehicle runs smoothly both on and off road and in rough terrains.


Despite being a beast of a vehicle, the exterior of the Great wall Steed is actually very attractive when compared to other vehicles of a similar size. The interior of the vehicle also has a very luxurious feel with expensive leather bucket seats, electric windows, air con, and an mp3 player.


The Steed is one of the safest pick-up options currently available, too. With electronic brake force distribution, ABS anti-lock braking, dual front airbags and front frog lamps being just some of the safety features installed in the vehicle to make it a much safer option.


A final reason to choose the great Wall Steed is the fact that all new GW vehicles come with a 6 year manufacturer warranty, so in the unlikely event that anything should go wrong, buyers and their vehicles will be adequately taken care of.


Dow Story is a County Durham based new and used car dealership. Anyone who is looking to buy a Great wall Steed, in the area, should visit their website today to find out about the great deals they are currently offering.