Villa Rentals

Interest in villa rentals is on the increase. There are several reasons for this.

Why Interest in Villa Rentals Is on the Increase

The main growth, when it comes to villa rentals, is still coming from traditional holidaymakers. People are increasingly wanting to stay in accommodation which is like a home from home. They are gradually going off staying in hotels rooms, which are sometimes cramped and often noisy.

They enjoy the idea of being able to choose to eat in some nights and just chill out over a few drinks and watch the TV. In addition, they are finding that the price of renting a villa compares favourably with the price of hotel rooms. People are increasingly going away in large groups with extended family or friends and in many cases, hiring a villa is cheaper than staying in a hotel. Even when it is slightly more expensive to do so, the increased level of freedom you get from staying in a villa makes any additional cost well worth it.

The other area of growth is coming from people looking to experience living abroad. Many Europeans want to retire to a hot climate in places like Spain and Portugal. Both countries have plenty of villas and many are available for long-term rental. Increasingly people are dipping their toes in the water, so to speak, and renting a villa for 3 to 6 months. They are doing so to find out whether or not they really like living abroad and to work out which area of the country is for them.

Getting the Best Deals on Villa Rentals

There are literally thousands of villas available for rent. For those people who are prepared to spend a little time doing some research renting a villa can work out extremely economical. The best place to look for deals is online agents who specialises in villa rentals for the country you are interested in staying in. Renting from an agent is far safer than renting from a private individual. The agent will make sure that you get a good standard of accommodation for your money.


Azucasa specialise in villa rentals in Spain and Portugal. We have villas on our books of every type and size in all parts of both countries.