Traveling with kids may sometimes be difficult as a parents needs to research well and get a place whereby you and the kids will have something to do and enjoy. Italy is one place that you can’t go wrong as it has a lot of places that the young ones will enjoy. The following are some of the best places that you can take them.

Marmara falls –the falls is located 100km from Rome in a place called Umbria and it is the best place to visit after city sightseeing as it’s a great outdoor adventure for the kids. There are 3 cascades in the falls and drops at 165m. While in Marmara falls you can get a chance to strolling down the paths which are very close to the falls as you get splashed with the falls natural mist. Kids get a leisurely rafting expedition at the top of the falls where there is lovely manicured gardens.

Chocolate, Truffles and more – a day at chocolate school of Perugina is something that kids would love as they learn on how to make delectable chocolates and desserts. The young ones will also be thrilled by the idea of preparing their own pizza with a local chef. They can also head to the woods where they will be guided and accompanied by a dog to sniff out truffles.

Bring that creativity side into play – to bring out artist in your child take them to Deruta which is the capital of Italian ceramics. The entire family will have great activity at the ceramics workshop which also has many ceramics on display.

Explore Lucca Atop the walls – it’s known to be a magical place for the youngsters and teens and it is enclosed by ramparts. The town has encompassing walls that are wide enough giving enough space for those who want to stroll or biking atop. For the kids here is the best place for exploring this historical center which has visual treats

Tuscany’s Nature Train – riding on a train to Treno Natura is a great adventure for the kids and a good experience as you watch the natural beauty of Tuscany’s. The train stops frequently thus giving the passengers a chance to hop off. You can also walk and bike using the same route through the natural wooded areas and local homes where you can get a chance to taste the home cooked dishes such as sheep cheese which is a local specialty

Climbing the Duomo in Florence – for the youngsters the climax of visiting Florence will be climbing to the top of Duomo which is in Basilica Di Santa Maria del Fiore. Climbing the over 460 steps up to the top is the challenge here but the dark and narrow stairways appeals the young ones and making it to be a great adventure

Italy is fantastic and kids will have a great adventure and an experience that they will not forget soon as they have a lot to see and do. The parents are not left out too as they will have a lot of cativities to keep them busy.

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