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Warehouse Logistics

Warehouse logistics is the detailed co-ordination of all processes that need to take place in a warehouse environment. Warehouses have to get the right goods out to the right people at the right time. When you are dealing with thousands of different lines and hundreds of different customers this can be quite difficult to achieve. The right logistics tools and proper use and application of them is essential.

Why Warehouse Logistics Are Important

The process of receiving a product into a warehouse, storing it safely and sending it out again is pretty complex. Just think for a minute about what is involved in just one part of the process i.e. receiving the goods into the warehouse. The delivery into a warehouse has to be scheduled in. When the lorry arrives, security seals have to be checked. The pallets have to be unloaded following health and safety, hazardous product, food safety and company standards and processes. The number of cases on the pallet has to be checked, what is in the cases needs to be determined and additional checks such as temperature and quality checks need to be done. The physical paperwork or electronic inventories have to be completed. The pallet needs to be assigned a slot in the warehouse and it needs to find its way safely to that slot. One failure at any stage could result in a firm paying for goods they have not physically received. Alternatively, that pallet of goods could end up being lost amongst the thousands of others already in the warehouse.

Without good logistic tools and equipment, that is exactly what happens. The loss of just one pallet can cost a firm thousands of pounds, so good warehouse logistics are vital to the success of a company.

The Key to Getting Warehouse Logistics Right

The only way to get warehouse logistics right is to buy the best tools and equipment available and train staff to use them properly. The best approach is to buy everything you need for your warehouse from a firm who specialises in developing and selling equipment designed for use in that very specific environment.

Jeka Shop are warehouse logistics specialists who have decades of experience. If you need signage or other warehouse location identification equipment they are the firm to use.

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