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Estate Management London

Demand for estate management London is quite high. A lot of the capital’s housing is given over to the rental market and there are a lot of estates and flats that need to be looked after and managed.

Why Estate Management in London is Important

However, not every estate management London service offers the same range of services. This means that you have to be careful when choosing someone to look after your property.

As a landlord, you have a responsibility of care for your tenants. Your property must be fit for habitation and must meet a raft of standards, rules and regulations.

Simply signing up with the first estate management firm you come across is not really a good idea. If you are not careful, you could sign up with a firm who only looks after certain aspects of estate management. You may only find out that they have not had the fire inspections done when a fire breaks out in one of your buildings. Not having the proper fire certificates in these circumstances could leave you open to being sued. It could also lead to the serious injury of a tenant.

As well as national regulations, you have to comply with regulations and byelaws drawn up by the local council. It is very easy to miss something and again end up being prosecuted and fined as a result. If you employ a good estate management London firm, you can save yourself a lot of time, hassle and money.

Finding the Right Estate Management London Firm

The web is a good place to find an estate management firm. Look for companies who already look after buildings in your part of London. They will have good connections in the borough and will be familiar with local byelaws etc.

Check that the estate management London firm you are planning to use is experienced. It is not uncommon for people to set themselves up as property managers without any real knowledge of what it entails. Before signing up with a firm double check exactly what is included in their annual fee. If there is anything missing, it can usually be added to the contract for a small additional fee.


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