Since the recession, caterers, along with many others are struggling to make a profit. Caterers may be struggling however those firms that have diversified appear to have bucked the trend. Despite the recession, some firms are still hiring at a phenomenal rate as can be seen by the fact that there are several thousand vacancies on specialist recruitment websites.

Specialist Websites Offer Some Hope

These websites act as a conduit between those needing staff and those seeking work in the catering industry. It is common for the larger specialist sites to have over 8,000 vacancies on their books at any one time. While 8,000 vacancies seems bullish, the fact is that they log nearly 10,000 CVs each month therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that within the catering sector the supply of potential workers is now slightly greater demand. This glut of talent has regrettably not been the case for many years where in the past, demand for staff far outstripped supply.

Much of the limited growth within the catering sector is coming from the convenience and finished meals delivery sector. More and more people are choosing to have ready cooked meals delivered to their home. Some are doing this because they are too ill or elderly to cook for themselves. Another growing sector in the catering industry is the supply of portion-controlled meals to the homes of those who are on a diet which has seen a recent surge in interest and firms catering to this demand.

In other areas of the catering industry demand is actually dropping away with notable closures and some very famous chefs in equally famous trouble. Only those firms who have diversified are still making a healthy profit, and these are the firms who are now recruiting the most.

More part time workers needed by the catering industry

The vast majority of the vacancies advertised on these hospitality recruitment websites are still restaurant and hospitality related, however increasingly they are also posting adverts for food production and delivery. The fact that many catering jobs are part-time is helping catering firms to fill their vacancies faster. In the past, many jobseekers were put off by the fact that these roles were only part time and often involved unsociable hours. Today, many people seem spurred on by the continued celebrity enjoyed by only a few chefs and are willing to make sacrifices. The fact they can work in the catering during the evenings and over the weekends allows them to keep their day job and earn extra money working in catering.

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