The Fastest Way to Recruit Staff for your Shop

If you are a retailer, you will already understand the importance of good staff. Without the right staff your retail business will fail.

You have to be able to rely on your staff to turn up on time, take care of your stock and serve your customers well. Anyone you employ needs to be presentable, polite and helpful, as well as dependable. Fortunately there are plenty of people out there who fit these criteria. You just need to make contact with them in order to recruit them.

In the past, placing an advert in your local newspaper would have been the best approach. However, these days that approach would bring you very few applicants. This is because the vast majority of people, especially young people, no longer read a newspaper. Therefore, your advert will only be seen by a very small pool of potential candidates.

In the UK, over 80% of people go online when they need to find a job, even a retail job. Therefore, this is where you need to place your job advert. However, simply posting your vacancy on a classified website or on the online version of your local newspaper will still not bring you many applicants. Whilst these kinds of websites get quite a few visitors people tend to be visiting them for other reasons rather than using them to find work.

Use a Specialist Retail Recruitment Agency

Most people who want a job turn automatically to the websites of online retail recruitment agencies. Therefore, this is where you need to post your vacancies.

However, you have to be careful when you use such a website. It is important to bear in mind that there will be literally thousands of other vacancies posted on such a website. If you are not careful your advert could be the buried in amongst them. However, provided you fill out all of the fields completely and accurately this will not happen. It is particularly important to use a clear and concise job title and to include in your location in your job advert.

One of the biggest and the best websites used by retail recruitment agencies is Over the years, they have helped to fill thousands of retail vacancies and they can help you as well.