In the past if you had said that the majority of retailers would be using retail recruitment agencies to find staff you would have been laughed at. However, that is exactly what happens today.

Why the Way Retailers Recruit Has Changed

The reasons behind why this is are many and varied. Here we consider just a few of them.

By far the biggest reason for the change is the way in which people now look for work. In the past people tended to change jobs less frequently than they do today. This was fortunate because it took time to scour the newspapers, write out, or type out a CV by hand. It also cost money to post off each application, because it had to be done via the post.

Today, people can simply go on the internet, find a role they are interested in, and send a short email with a copy of their CV attached. Doing this costs virtually nothing, but finding the roles can potentially take up quite a bit of time. Having to enter a search term and visit each site on which a vacancy is advertised is very time consuming.

The people who run recruitment agencies realised this and came up with a different approach. They listed all of their vacancies in a database, which was searchable. This meant that people looking for work could simply visit one website and find a list of jobs they were qualified for. Naturally, this easy process was attractive to job seekers, so they began to ignore individual job adverts posted on websites. Instead, the majority began to visit agency websites.

Firms quickly realised that if they advertised their retail roles on the agencies websites rather than their own websites they stood a much better chance of finding the people they needed. As a result, they switched to using retail recruitment agencies to fill vacancies. It is a snowball effect, which continues today and is leading to more and more job seekers and firms using these agency websites than ever before. Advertising jobs on these websites is definitely now the quickest way to fill retail roles.

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