Construction Job Trends

If you work in construction, the chances are you have noticed that finding work is not as easy as it once was. This is not surprising when you consider that a recent survey by the major construction unions shows that the number of jobs in the industry has fallen by 10% since 1998.

On top of that the level of wages a builder can expect has also fallen. On average, even their members on full contracts with secure work have seen their wage packets drop by around £3,000. However, being a builder is still a good way to earn a living. Things are tough now, but the UK’s need for housing and infrastructure means that inevitably demand for construction workers will begin to rise again.

Is Now the Time to Get Involved in Construction?

In fact, there are signs that, in some sectors, there is already a skill shortage, looming. The fact that many of the large construction firms pulled their apprenticeship schemes when the recession started is part of the reason for the looming skills crisis. Already it is becoming difficult to find new surveyors and other skilled workers. However, it is anticipated that there will be a similar shortage of electricians, carpenters and many of the other skills needed for basic construction. The government and industry knows about this issue, so are taking steps to prevent the problem getting any worse. Many firms are re-instating their apprenticeship schemes and a lot of school leavers are seeing the wisdom of training now even though there are less construction jobs available.

How to Find Construction Jobs Now

In the meantime, people who are already working in the industry are changing the way they look for jobs. They are far more flexible and realistic about how much they can earn, and are prepared to do more for less. Increasingly, builders are finding construction jobs with the help of the internet. They are turning to recruitment agents that specialise in construction jobs. This approach helps them to speed up the job search process and find roles in their area with a reasonable rate of pay.

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