The World of Fashion Recruitment

To a large extent fashion recruitment is the same as any other kind. You are trying to find someone with the right skills, attitude and qualifications to fulfil a role within your business regardless of the industry you work in. However, there are differences when you are trying to fill a fashion role. You are often looking for something a little different, for someone with a few extra skills.

Compare for example recruiting someone to work in a bookstore to recruiting someone to work in a fashion store. Both people will need to be numerate, literate, punctual and personable.

However, the person who is going to work in the fashion store will need a little more than this. They will also need a good sense of style, because, on occasion, they will need to help clients to find clothes to suit them, or something to complete an outfit.

Finding someone with a true passion for fashion can make all the difference to the success of your business. If you are lucky enough to recruit, someone who enjoys working in fashion you will be able to build a long-term working relationship with them. This will allow you to build up a team that is experienced and understands how your business works. If you want to grow your business this is a real asset. So, how should you approach fashion recruitment?

Use a Specialist Fashion Recruitment Agency

Probably the best approach is to vary where you recruit. A few fashion students bring youthful energy and enthusiasm. However, a team made up entirely of young fashion students will not have all of the skills to take care of other aspects of your business, such as dealing with complaints.

You need to include people who have prior experience of working in the fashion industry in your team. The best place to find these people are recruitment agencies who specialise in jobs in fashion. These are the agencies experienced fashion workers turn to when they want to find a new job. Therefore, you have the best chance of finding experienced staff looking for work via these agencies.


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