Construction and Maintenance

Provide a Multi-Purpose Vessel

Working away from shore on a vessel can be a daunting yet exciting prospect for all crew members who can face a significant period of time away from family and friends. Being on a marine vessel can induce a sense of being taken away from society as the parameters in which an individual can access are limited to facilities and work stations upon a boat. The latter, in addition with heavy machinery, are common elements which are usually associated with offshore sites by the general public that visualise the cramped work spaces and hard labour that many crew members work in on a daily basis. Although this may be the case upon many vessels which are used to source raw materials, companies can ensure all crew members can utilise and enjoy facilities associated across onshore residential and commercial buildings via the adequate installation of accommodation modules.

Fitted to the highest standards, all modules can be tailor mode and designed to provide a vessel with variable amounts of space. In addition to meeting SOLAS regulations, modules provide few limitations within how the space provided can be utilised to ensure a company can install the furniture, portable appliances and units they desire. This can play a fundamental role in providing crew members with a multi-purpose vessel that can be utilised for all aspects of daily life, whether it is work, rest or play. Manufacturers and providers of accommodation modules are able to produce modules of all sizes to meet all requirements and specifications to fundamentally ensure they can fit within any vessel.

Other than providing modules for the purpose of accommodating crew members within dorms which can fit between one to eight individuals, companies can also utilise modules for creating office environments, canteens, gymnasiums and smoking cabins to name but a few potential common areas. Being open-minded within the number of common areas integrated across a vessel which can be accessed via offshore doors goes extensively further than allowing crew members to be offshore and feel alienated from dry land. Creating rooms such as gymnasiums and prayer rooms essentially means that a company brings normal day activities which crew members may be used to onshore to them in an offshore capacity.

Such modules are fitted with offshore doors which provide ultimate protection alongside HVAC systems to ensure crew members remain safe in whatever area of the vessel they are in. This culminates in operating upon a vessel that is both multi-purpose and extensively protected from any potential hazards that are associated with offshore work.

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