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Legacy applications can benefit from dedicated outsourced support

If you are involved at any management level in a large company, it’s highly likely you will have encountered a legacy application in your time.

Legacy applications range in complexity from Excel spreadsheet based people management tools, written by a macro guru who has long since left the company, to Access databases for customer tracking, to creaking SQL databases with web front ends for which have been cobbled together, and may well need replacing.

Whether the company has decided to continue using such legacy software, for whatever reasons, or to replace it, these packages still need supporting for as long as they are being used. Such specialist support can become a headache for the in-house IT team, as well as other senior managers involved in the process.

One problem can be a scarcity of documentation, exacerbated by the fact that the authors and commissioners of the original software may now have left the company. In itself this can lead to a further problem that diagnosis and fixing of problems, in the legacy application, can take a length of time way out of proportion to the scale of the problem raised. This can lead to low morale and a feeling of being constantly ‘stretched’ within your in-house IT teams.

A cost-effective way to resolve this issue is to outsource the legacy application to a company specialising in outsourced application support such as ourselves, here at Quantix. At Quantix, we provide a custom application support service specialising in management and support of bespoke applications.

We will either remotely connect to the application at your premises or migrate it seamlessly to our HQ. The high level of expertise in our application support team here, combined with a proven pedigree going back 30 years, will ensure that your legacy application is in the best possible hands.


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