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The Nutrients Your Dog Needs

Every single animal has very different nutritional needs. Whilst we ourselves can get away with being on an omnivorous diet, and can even remain completely healthy should we become herbivorous, other animals are red-blooded carnivores through and through and needs meat in their diets no matter what.

Take dog nutrition as an example. Whilst they seem fairly indiscriminate in terms of what they eat, often as happy to pilfer a whole pie from the side as they are to go to town on a slab of beef, their bodies have very much evolved to make them perfect for eating meat.

Not only are their stomachs and even their teeth optimised for devouring meat, but they also struggle with carbohydrates, lacking the critical enzymes needed to break down starchy foods before they reach the digestive tract. On top of this, their stomachs are bigger than those found in omnivores, meaning that those foods lacking animal protein are unlikely to fill up your pup, and in turn feeding them food that lacks much meat will lead to them overeating and also potentially putting on weight.

Ultimately, dog nutrition is not all that complex. They need more animal protein and fewer carbohydrates, and looking for food from a pet store that caters for these needs is therefore going to be extremely important to keep your dog happy and healthy.

When choosing food for your dog, it is therefore important to always pay attention to what is in the food. Not only will many generic foods lack a complex set of nutrients to keep your dog happy and healthy, but they will also have far too many carbohydrate fillers in them. Going direct to a pet store to get nutritionally balanced food can therefore be extremely important, and you may well be surprised just how much a change in food can effect your dog for the better.

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