The Importance of Conducting Workplace Assessments

Working with a safe environment is of paramount importance to all employees and companies across the United Kingdom. Employers strive to provide their staff member with adequate working conditions via the providing of suitable provisions, such as clothing and appliances, and an environment which is hazard and risk-free. While this establishes a strong relationship between employer and employee, it is also a legal requirement for the former to enforce, where humanly possible, health and safety policies across the board.

Employing a single or multiple numbers of occupational health professionals can provide a company with expert guidance, knowledge and assistance within effective health and safety policies. One of which may include a work risk assessment which can be carried out on a regular basis across the workplace. Its true importance is illustrated by the realistic possibilities of not conducting a workplace assessment, as not doing so can lead to accidents, injuries and personal claims.

Any work risk assessment consists of critical analysis across the entire workspace to effectively pinpoint any number of potential hazards and threats. These can consist of trip hazards created by boxes left in the middle of a walkway, or potential substance leakages which create a slippery work surface. Such hazards can be isolated and competently dealt with in a sufficient manner.

Failing to spot potential hazards via a workplace assessment can lead to substantial damage to a company and its employees. Although employees have their own legal responsibility to adhere to any health and safety policy utilised by their company, they still require a safe working environment. Failing to do so can leave employees feeling undervalued, unappreciated and unprepared to combat and be aware of any health and safety procedures.

Suffering from an accident via a trip, slip or fall is primarily caused by hazards that could have been effectively pinpointed and removed. The variable levels of injuries caused can be an unpleasant experience for any employee who may face a period away from the workplace. This can be detrimental to the overall productivity and efficiency levels of an employee base that is reduced by injuries caused by avoidable hazards.

Employees also have the legal right to make a personal injury claim for any accidents within the workplace that was not their own fault. As this can strain the relationship and bond between employers and employees, adequate health and safety measures carried out by qualified personnel is of paramount importance.

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