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Lip Piercing

Lip piercing has become an extremely popular form of body and facial piercing. While it may not yet be as popular as ear piercing or nose piercing this is part of the attraction for many people that consider it. You should ensure that you get it done somewhere clean, sterile and reputable, and that you take good care of the piercing site and any facial jewellery that you wear. Doing so means that you can benefit from the wide range of jewellery items that are available for lip piercings.


There are a number of areas of the lips that can be effectively pierced to create great looks. Either side of the lip and on either the top or bottom lip can be pierced and many people that have a lip piercing will choose to have a combination of two or more of these piercings and combined them with other body piercings to create a unique style.


A lip piercing should be done in a sterile and clean environment to avoid infection and other potential problems. Similarly, you should also take good care of the piercing once it is finished otherwise it could become infected. Not only will the site look ugly but it could cause problems with your lips too. Always use a reputable piercing parlour or clinic and don’t attempt to do the piercing yourself.


Aftercare is vital with a lip piercing. The lips are naturally prone to collect dirt and debris. Bits of food and drinks can collect around the lip piercing site and if not properly removed and the site cleaned you do run the very real risk of getting an infection. Tea tree oil can be used to help treat the area until the piercing has fully healed.


A lip piercing can be used to great effect if you are looking for a unique addition to your piercing collection. You may want to start out with a simpler piercing if you have yet to have a piercing on your body. You can chosoe from a wide variety of bars, rings, and other forms of lip piercing jewellery and this helps you to choose the look that you want. offers a wide range of jewellery and fashion items, including those for lip piercing and other piercing sites. Visit our site and choose from our catalogue of great looking facial piercing items.