Anyone who works in the hospitality industry will tell you that it is quite an interesting, yet very challenging sector to work in. No two days are the same especially if you work in a large hotel or for a conference centre. Every day your mix of customers is changing and each client has a different set of needs that you need to meet in full.

The hospitality industry is not for everybody. However, it is surprising how few people realise just how demanding working within the hospitality sector is. As a result, when you advertise for new reception staff, waiters or conference staff you will always get a lot of applicants.

On the one hand, this is good because you will have plenty of candidates to choose from. However, unfortunately the vast majority of those candidates will not be suitable. They will either not have any experience of working within the industry, or will not be suitably qualified. Unfortunately, what this means is that the person carrying out recruitment will have to plough through an awful lot of unsuitable CVs. When you consider that reading each CV, even briefly, takes at least four or five minutes you can see that this is a real problem.

So, how can you streamline your hospitality recruitment process and find candidates who are actually suitable for the job? Well, the best approach is to only advertise using those online job agencies that specialise in filling roles for the hospitality and catering industries.

The vast majority of jobseekers who visit these job agency sites will have previously worked within the industry. Importantly, the fact that they are looking for work on such a specialist job agency site means that they are also keen to continue to work within the hospitality industry. This means that the vast majority of applications you get will be from candidates who are qualified and have the experienced to fill the role. Using such an online job agency is an extremely cost-effective way of finding the people you need to grow your business. Once you have recruited this way once you will never want to go back to your old recruitment techniques.

Best of all, with online recruitment you can be sure you describe exactly what you need. Unlike a newspaper where column inches are measured, an online job advert gives you more flexibility to be specific about what you need. Online hospitality recruitment websites really take a lot of the pain out of hiring new staff, whether permanent or temporary.

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