How to Find Online Microsoft Training

Whether you are an IT professional looking to update your Microsoft qualifications or someone wanting to enter the industry, the internet is a great training resource. Online you can find all kinds of IT courses that will give you the training you need to receive a properly accredited qualification in your chosen field.

Most online courses are very good, but, of course, there are some very poor courses out there that should to be avoided at all costs. Using this guide will help you to find those courses that offer good training that will help you to progress your career.


When visiting the websites of companies that offer Microsoft training you need to check that the courses they offer are properly accredited. Your exam needs to be taken and supervised by a recognised exam board such as Prometric.

Course Delivery

Next, you need to check out how the course material is delivered. Some courses claim to be online courses, but actually deliver some of their course material via classroom learning. If you cannot afford to take a couple of weeks off to attend this part of the course, it can be impossible to complete the course and qualify. Others deliver the course over the web, but do not allow you to take the exams online, so it is always worth checking before signing up.

The best courses offer instruction in different formats. This is verdy important because everyone learns differently. If you choose a course that offers a variety of learning mediums, you are far likely to succeed. It means that if you cannot understand something in the written course material you can watch a video or attend a live demo to get clarification. Courses that offer extras like interactive video, didactic games and practice exams are amongst the most advanced and best courses.


Last, but by no means least you need to find out what kind of support is available. You need to look for a course that offers you the chance to ask for clarification and get support. The best course providers include live chat and access to interactive knowledge bases with their courses.

The experienced team at Online IT Courses are ready and waiting to help you to find online Microsoft training that is properly accredited and tailored to meet your needs.