The Benefits of Staff Training With Best STL

Because of the perceived expense and disruption to the daily running of their business, many managers and Directors are loathe to invest in regular and routine staff training, even though it should not only be done, but done with a highly regarded professional training partner like Best STL.

Indeed, avoiding training could be a grave error, especially given that there are a number of reasons why staff training could be one of the wisest investments any business manager could make to the future security and financial success of their enterprise.

Staff Motivation

Research has indicated that a workforce that feels it is being invested in, especially in the form of training, is likely to feel more motivated and loyal to its employer. The majority of us know that a happy workforce is one that is likely to be productive and less likely to make errors. Therefore, it makes sense to suggest that investing in the workforce on a regular basis improves the way it works.

Retention of Staff

One of the biggest expenses for any business is the recruitment of new staff. From advertising to time out interviewing and then of course initial training, these are the costs which many business owners would do anything to avoid. With that in mind, it makes much more sense to invest and spend time on the staff who are already working (and, as such, earning their investment) than to employ replacements. Research suggests that employees who feel they are important to a business are more likely to reward their employers with longevity.

Use the Staff you have

Research also suggests that there are many untrained staff who, with the right training and development programme, could easily fill gaps in an organisation. From a would be IT manager to the quiet secretary who could overhaul the purchasing department, the chances are that rather than employing new staff to fill a vacancy, a much more productive use of your time and efforts would be to utilise the staff you have.

Business survival

Recent estimations show that a business is over 2.5 times more likely to fail if they don’t have fully trained staff. Best STL offers a rich variety of training options and programmes that could help business managers to get the very most out of their staff and business, in addition to improving the finances, staff success and livelihood of a business.



Best STL is a London based provider of staff training, either in house or at the clients’ premises. A wide range of packages covers the needs of almost any business.