The Queen to Share Her Love of Horses with the Nation

For anyone who loves horses there is a great treat in the pipeline. The Guardian has reported that the BBC is planning a new documentary about the Queen and her lifelong passion for horses. It will be presented by amateur jockey and TV presenter, Clare Balding, who is herself well known for her love of horses. Her family has been heavily involved in racing, in particular training, so she will have excellent insight. Three generations of her family have been involved in training the Queen’s horses.

Most people realise that the Queen enjoys horseracing and owns some racehorses herself. However, many will be surprised to learn just how successful a breeder and owner the Queen is. Over the years, her horses have won over 1,600 races, an amazing level of success. The fact she has been involved in racing for 65 years, also surprises many.

The documentary will look at how her horses are bred and raised. It will be fascinating for many horse fans to see her stables and how her horses are managed.

It is likely that the documentary will attract a huge range of viewers. Many people who love the royal family will watch the documentary. Of course, it will also attract many horse lovers.

The fact that the documentary will provide an insight into the, normally closed, world of racing means it will be a ground-breaking programme. It also means that many racing fans will be very interested in the programme.

Naturally, the Queen’s stable has many fine horses. Her stable has bought wisely and many champions have been bred by the Queen’s stable. Unsurprisingly, knowing her love of horses, some have chosen to give the queen horses, as gifts. For example, at the 2013 Royal Windsor Horse Show, the King of Bahrain gave her two purebred Arabian horses. The Queen’s favourite horse Burmese was a gift from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. She rode him 18 times during the trooping of the colour, including, in 1981, when six blank shots were fired at her.


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