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Taking Advantage of Pop Ups

The majority of us are extremely fed up with pop ups. However, when you take the concept from the digital world into the physical world, the pop up can suddenly be extremely beneficial for both businesses and consumers alike.

Whilst pop-ups on screen are usually nothing more than spam, creating pop up shops in prime city or town locations can help businesses do anything from improve brand recognition to promote unique individual items in a very focussed and effective way.

Online pop-ups are clearly extremely worthwhile or so many wouldn’t do them, yet if a concept that is so abhorred online can actually be worthwhile, the far less intrusive pop up shops that can appear on any high street are going to have similar effects but without the negative overtones.

Pop up shops allow those without internet presence to actively talk face to face with customers and allow those who are trialling new products to very easily raise awareness and in turn get immediate reactions from customers. For others, a pop up shop will simply be a way to dramatically increase revenue and raise general awareness of the company.

They can also be extremely beneficial for those with complex products due for release who need a more individual approach to attracting custom, so that customers are able to see precisely what such items can do for them.

Since short term leases for vacant stores are likely to be extremely cheap, the benefits for any business will be numerous, and so long as a great deal of conscious attention is paid to the design of everything from point of sale display stands to the actual design of the shop itself, the pop up shop can simply be a great way of improving reputation and increasing income in a very simple way, and in no time at all.

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