Cheap Rubber Ducks

Cheap rubber ducks can make ideal bath toys, perfect little gifts, and even collectors’ items. While the traditional rubber duck was a plain yellow item, the modern selection is much greater, providing access to gifts like Michael Quackson or Superman Rubber Duck. You can even find amusing and inexpensive gift ideas like the bride and groom rubber duck duo which could be given as a wedding shower gift or even used for the top of your cake if you wanted.


The primary purpose of the humble rubber duck has always been as a bath toy. It was first manufactured as the rubber industry rose in stature at the beginning of the 19th century and in 1886, the first patent was applied for. While these hard rubber ducks were prone to sinking they were still enjoyed by children around the world and helped parents turn bath time into a more entertaining time.


Another popular use of cheap rubber ducks is as a collectors’ item. The simple yellow rubber duck design is joined by a collection of unique and unusual designs. There are punk ducks and biker ducks, as well as many other designs. Some collectors have amassed several thousand rubber ducks as part of their collections. At just a few pounds per duck, they make an inexpensive collection for people of any age.


There are also cheap rubber ducks released to commemorate or celebrate people or occasions. There are cheap rubber ducks designed to look like Michael Jackson or Jimi Hendrix. They typically come in a clear, see through display box, so could make the perfect addition to a specific collection.


There are many viable uses for cheap rubber ducks, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked is as an inexpensive gift idea for any recipient and to celebrate any occasion. Bride and groom rubber ducks are perfect as a gift for the happy couple or from the happy couple. Punk ducks and biker ducks can make brilliant gifts to celebrate a recipient’s lifestyle and style. You certainly don’t need to spend a fortune when buying cheap rubber ducks and this helps make them such a great and unique gift choice.


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