Mediterranean Holiday

There really is nothing quite like a Mediterranean holiday. Practically anywhere, you go along the Mediterranean you will find beautiful beaches. Best of all you will also find fantastic weather. For virtually the whole of the year, the sun shines. Even in the winter, the Mediterranean is still far warmer than the UK and other northern European countries.

Your Mediterranean Holiday Need Not Cost a Fortune

Despite the fact that the Mediterranean has so much to offer holidaying there is not expensive. You can find everything they want in the way of accommodation. In every, Mediterranean country you have the option to either stay in a hotel, bed-and-breakfast, apartments, villas or, if you prefer, a campsite. There is literally everything to choose from and even four and five-star hotels are relatively inexpensive. However, if you are on a tight budget it is also possible to stay on campsites in chalets, caravans, pre-erected luxury tents or, if you prefer, to take your own tent.

Where to go in the Mediterranean

The other great thing about the Mediterranean is that there are so many different countries to visit. Each country has its own unique customs and culture. Places like Cyprus, Majorca and Turkey are especially popular. All of these locations offer a warm welcome to all of their visitors. Their culture is still radically different from that of the rest of Europe meaning that you can enjoy a rich and diverse, but different, culture in each country.

The food on offer in these countries is eclectic and enjoyed very much by most visitors. However, all of these countries make sure that they cater for the needs of everyone. Therefore, if local food is not for you, you will also find plenty of English cuisine on offer.

Most of the airports for Mediterranean countries have direct links with the UK. Therefore, you can go practically anywhere in the Mediterranean without having to change planes. Because the flight time is short, you can finish work in the afternoon and be sitting outside a Mediterranean bar the very same evening. There are always plenty of cheap flights available from all parts of the UK.

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