So You Want to Work in IT

Whether you are fresh out of school or looking for a second career Information Technology is a good choice. It is a sector that is evolving and growing all the time, so someone with the right skills need never be out of work.

There is a huge choice of roles, which means it is relatively easy to find work that will be of interest to you. Importantly most IT jobs are well paid, so you will not only be doing work you enjoy, you will also be well- paid for that work.

For those people who are flexible and willing to continually update their skill set there is good job security. The fact that virtually every aspect of modern life involves technology means that there will always be demand for these skills.

Getting Started

In order to work in the industry you will need to be qualified. There is very little ‘unskilled work’ in the sector, so it is not an industry you can easily enter without studying. There are a few unskilled roles available, but to move on you will still need to study and become qualified.

To enter the industry you first need to decide what area interests you the most. This means research. You will need to go online and visit a few IT job sites and make a note of any roles that sound interesting to you. It is wise to make a note of what it is that attracts you to that specific role.

The next step is to go away and find out more about the roles that caught your eye. You need to understand what the role involves and what qualifications are needed. Once you know this, you can make your final decision and enrol yourself on the relevant courses.

Finding Work

Whilst studying take on intern work, doing so will cement what you learn and considerably speed up the learning process. It will also mean that you do not enter the job market without experience. Having some, experience on your CV will considerably improve your chances of being selected for any jobs you apply for.

Once qualified look for IT jobs at CWJobs, there you will find hundreds of vacancies. This website makes finding your first IT job extremely easy.