Facts About Sperm Donation In Brief

sperm donation

The idea of sperm donation has spread many fold over the years. In a society where the idea of sperm donation and use of donated sperm by women used to be a taboo, it has now become a popular idea. The idea of donation has caught up with a large and diverse section of the society that includes students pursing higher studies, professionals, single persons etc. People in the cities are more amenable to new ideas and the same is true for sperm donation. People in the city of Mumbai have also accepted the idea of sperm donation with open arms. Increasing demand as well as supply of sperm has resulted in setting up of many sperm donation bank in Mumbai.

The idea of sperm donation

People donate sperm for various reasons. While some do it for money other do it purely for altruistic interests. There are also those who do not want to donate their sperm, but freeze it for their own use later in life. Such type of sperm donation is also increasing as people are afraid that due to late marriages and diseases that may afflict at old age their sperm production may suffer in future.

One of the main reasons to become a sperm donor is that it goes on to change life. Your service is something which is never bound to be forgotten by families whom you have helped. But donation of a sperm is not an easy task and it does involve some points to consider. It is an emotional decision and you need to be aware of the consequences it is bound to present in the days to come at the same time. What happens if the child comes to you and claims that you are the legal guardian of theirs.

Use of donated sperm

The number of users for donated sperm is also increasing. Women from various walks of life are taking to using donated sperm to become pregnant. Single mothers who have either not married or not remarried after becoming widows or after divorce are taking to using donated sperm in a big way. Even elderly couples are using donated sperm. This fulfils their long-cherished dream of become mother.

Quality of sperm in sperm banks

Quality of sperm is a concern for sperm banks and that is why they prepare a database of each donor. The database about individual donor contains a variety of data such as age, profession, height, physique, name, qualification etc. This ensures that women who have certain preferences about the donor can lay their hands on the perfect match.

Screening sperm donors

Sperm banks need to ensure that the receptors get disease free and genetic-abnormality free sperms. To ensure this the international benchmark is to have a collection period and a quarantine period. The donor is screened for infections after he donates sperm. So, if you are searching for a Sperm bank in Mumbai India, you should first confirm that the bank is abiding by all the international standards for screening sperm donors and preservation of sperm. Reputed sperm banks in Mumbai do adhere to such standards. Moreover, these banks have a large database of sperm donors. There is a high likelihood of getting suitable donors if you search for donors from such reputed sperm banks.

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