Changing Eating Habits Bring Hope to the Catering Industry

The catering sector, like most other industries, has suffered a perceived fall in demand. Like most other firms, many of those firms involved in catering have had to change the way they do things in order to remain in business. They have had to adapt to the fact that demand for their services has fallen significantly, as people tighten their belts. However, it is not all doom and gloom. Some catering firms have simply changed what they offer and have experienced growth, as a result. The fact that there are several thousand vacancies posted every week through the various specialist catering recruitment websites is an indication that there is still work available in catering.

Not All News Is Bad News

Those who read the catering press will have also noticed that there are still success stories out there. A recent piece by Essentially Catering reported on comments made by Peter Backman who is Horizons’ managing director. He said, “Many operators have responded to trading challenges by looking at new opportunities and serving food throughout the day. The real winners have been snacking and the breakfast market. We think the two will grow considerably over the next few years.”

It seems that people still want to eat out even though they are on far tighter budgets. As a result rather than going out in the evening for a three course meal many appear to be opting for small treat during the day or for a cheaper meal such as breakfast.

Catering firms change the way they staff their businesses

As well as changing what they are selling, many catering firms are also changing how they operate. Many have taken steps to reduce their overheads and taken steps to make themselves more agile and better able to respond to fluctuations in demand. Increasingly, they are turning to recruitment portals to post jobs and find the people they need as quickly as possible, with the most flexibility to their businesses as possible as well.

A faster recruitment process enables firms to operate with a smaller core staff and up-skill quickly when needed. When they are offered catering work businesses can simply go out and recruit to cover that particular job without carrying heavy staff overheads. Catering staff are often familiar with the seasonal and event-led method of working and being recruited, and some websites specialise on having large numbers of temporary staff available to work at short notice. Overall, a more agile approach to staffing will help catering companies stay profitable and dynamic, growing when and where possible.

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