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Show Off Your Range with a Tailors Dummy from The Shop Fitting Shop

One of the biggest problems faced by shop owners today is actually getting customers to come through the door. There are so many choices available now, both on the high street and online that the competition is fierce and if a store does not make an effort to create an interesting display which draws the customers in, they will struggle to get very much business if their competitors are doing the job better.

For clothing stores, the biggest issue when creating a display is the ability to make the clothes you are selling stand out and appeal to the customer. In order to do this, you will need to show them how the clothing may look on them and in order to do this a tailors dummy from The Shop Fitting Shop is an essential fitting.

Create the Look

In order to get people interested in the garments that you are selling, you need to show them the aesthetics of the piece. The only way to do this is to give them a good idea of how the clothing looks on a real body. There are very few items of clothing which have hanger appeal and look great on the rail, so if you want to sell your products then you will need to help things along. With a tailors dummy from The Shop Fitting Shop you can create a display which will allow your customers to imagine themselves wearing the clothes and this will bring them through the door in their droves.

Buying Tailors Dummies

When choosing a tailors dummy from The Shop Fitting Shop, you should ensure that you buy a dummy which is likely to represent the body shape of your average customer. If you sell clothing for a wide variety of ages, styles, genders and body shapes, then you should consider buying more than one tailors dummy, so you can represent all of your potential customers in your display.

You can also choose from standard and abstract dummies, or mannequins depending on the type of display which you wish to create, so think about the image you want to put across before buying.


The Shop Fitting Shop supply tailors dummies, mannequins and all manner of shop fittings to store owners in the UK.

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