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Searching for your ideal home can be a difficult and challenging process. Scouring local newspapers, enquiring at estate agents, and looking through property magazines and brochures is time consuming. It is also necessary, though, if you want to ensure that you find the best quality home for you and your family. There are many factors to consider and finding a central point that lists the latest developments and the best properties from new build developments can prove highly beneficial and time saving. is an online directory of new build properties. It lists some of the latest developments that have houses available and you can search using your preferred location, the number of bedrooms you require, and your minimum and maximum budget. Searching in this way ensures that you find details only of those properties that are genuinely relevant to your requirements and your search. It can save time and hassle for you and your family.


Searching through a single directory is a lot simpler than attempting to find each development individually. You will usually find different developers working in any area and this means that you may have to drive around and ask others to keep an eye out for any new developments. The local papers can prove a good source for such information but they will not usually contain all details as space is limited.


Consider your whole family when looking for a new house. Does the house you are interested in have the right number of bedrooms and offer the amount of living space that you require? Is it local to schools and workplaces and is it close to friends and family? These are some of the questions you should ask before taking the plunge and making an offer.


The What House website not only lists details of developments. You can also click on any of the developments you see in order to view more accurate details of the listed properties, styles of housing, and any deals that the developer might be offering. Using this information and your own criteria it is possible to find the best houses for your needs.


Visit to see a list of the latest developments in your area and to find the perfect new family home for you, your partner and your kids.