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Foam cut to size needs to comply with fire safety laws

Supplying industrial grade foam is much complex than many people realise. This kind of high grade substance is a far cry from the basic materials that are used in everyday packaging. These technical grades are used right across industry and manufacturing. Getting access to high quality foam designed and cut to order is big business and a vital part of many building and manufacturing processes.

Many different engineering firms making everything from cars through to bedding require foam cut to size. This has to be produced to exacting standards and it also needs to comply with all relevant safety regulations. Left untreated it can be flammable. Fire retardant is an important element that needs to be factored into the equation.

When foam cut to size is used in furniture or bedding for example the safety implications are obvious. Most people don’t realise just how much this substance is used in the building trade as well. It can help insulate against noise in flats and houses. Again fire safety is of paramount importance. Lives are at stake and there’s no margin for error or half measures.

Manufacturers and engineering firms need a quality supplier. One that can cut to size and treat the end product so it complies with all relevant safety legislation.

Technical Foam Services have a proven track record both in terms of production quality and safety record. Companies can rely on them to supply the high grade materials they need to create their finished product, cut to the sizes that they need and treated with fire retardants to ensure they are completely safe. They stock in excess of three hundred high grades meaning they have all bases covered. They manage the production process in house so can ensure quality control from start to finish. It really is a one stop shop service.

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