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Who Can Benefit from Order Fulfilment?

Order fulfilment is that rare beast that can actually offer benefits to companies of all sizes. No matter whether you are a multi-national company with plenty of resources of your own, or a small independent business needing to cut as many corners as possible, fulfilment houses are likely to be able to bring you some form of benefit.

The primary reason for this is the fact that there are so many different facets to fulfilment that can be targeted specifically for each company. For some, the ability to take advantage of direct mailing services will be what is important whilst, for others, a streamlining of the whole order process will be what saves money and increases productivity. For others still, it will simply be the ability to save money on warehousing by using an external company that will lower overheads and in turn make the business more competitive and/or profitable.

Whilst larger companies may feel like it is something that only smaller businesses need since they themselves have the resources and staff to cover any business needs, many multi-national corporations use fulfilment houses. Such fulfilment companies can save businesses up to 25% on the cost of postage, and for larger companies this saving can add up far more than it will for smaller businesses, making it just as appealing for them as it will be for a sole trader.

Order fulfilment can benefit businesses of all sizes in many other ways too. By reducing the workforce through allowing external companies to take control of less integral processes, businesses not only reduce the cost of HR and the like, but also the cost of holiday pay, maternity pay and all the other related costs that come along with a workforce of any size.

Ultimately, fulfilment can benefit any company, and simply visiting the right fulfilment house may help you find why such a service could benefit you.

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