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Save Money With Efficient Loft Insulation

Loft insulation should be considered an essential addition to any home. It provides the homeowners or tenants with a warmer and more pleasant living environment while also providing often considerable savings against the cost of heating the home. It is estimated that around a quarter of a home’s heating is lost through an uninsulated roof. Even if you have a loft conversion you can still enjoy top quality insulation and because you are using the roof space in your property it is even more important that you include insulation in your home.

Typically, loft insulation is installed in the floor of the loft. The cold air that comes in through the roof is then effectively trapped in the loft. The warm air inside the main house will not travel through the insulation therefore ensuring that it is not lost either. The end result is a warmer home.

However, if you have had or are considering a loft conversion then this is no longer an option. The attic room would be very cold and uninviting. However, loft insulation can be fitted to the roof itself using modern insulation materials and effective insulating techniques. This ensures that your newly converted room remains as warm as the rest of the house and that you still do not lose heat out of the roof of your building.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the most appropriate loft insulation. One such factor is building regulations. When converting a loft, the company you choose should ensure that all regulations are followed to the letter to ensure that your conversion is legal. This is true of the type of loft insulation that should be used too so, if you have insulation fitted retrospectively, you will need to ensure that it meets with the appropriate regulations.

Loft conversions can prove to be a highly beneficial means of adding extra living space to your home and increasing the value of your property at the same time. Ensuring that you have the appropriate insulation fitted will mean that you can enjoy even greater results from your newly converted roof space.


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