Fun Facts about Fireworks

Everybody loves fireworks, but how much do you actually know about them? You probably know that they have a fuse and some gun powder and that some nice colours, sparkles, sizzles and bangs are emitted from them. You probably also know that they were invented in China. But what else do you know about everybody’s favourite event accessory? Take a look around you and notice how often people actually buy fireworks. Any event is now a good reason to get a hold of some, from weddings to birthday and from funerals to nationwide events.

Fireworks and the Chinese

If you already knew that the Chinese invented fireworks, you were spot on. They actually invented fireworks sometime in the 7th century. Basically, we have been able to buy fireworks for over 1,100 years! Today, 90% of all fireworks still come from China. In those days, fireworks were all white and orange. Although we now get fireworks in all sorts of colours, blue is still one of the most difficult colours to make. In 1996, Hong Kong broke a record by making a string of firecrackers last for 22 hours. Bet asthmatics weren’t best pleased about that little stunt!

Fireworks and Dreams

If you dream about fireworks, this doesn’t mean you should go out and immediately buy fireworks. Dreaming about fireworks can mean one of two things. On the positive side, it means you are very enthusiastic about a new and upcoming challenge. However, more often than not, dreaming about fireworks means you have some serious egocentric issues. A fireworks dream usually points to a sense of grandiosity. It means you want to be right at the centre of attention and you want to show off to others. You want others to literally throw their heads back into their neck in order to be able to see you and marvel at your beauty and shine. Not always the nicest dream to have, in other words.

When you buy fireworks, you may want to have a little bit of a think about the long and interesting history that surrounds it. Next, have a think about why you’re buying it in the first place.