Verandas can enhance your home in many ways, from allowing you to enjoy your garden while staying protected from the elements, all year round, to giving you somewhere comfortable and attractive to eat during the summer. You will have a whole new family space to enjoy!

And the attractiveness and desirability of a veranda will also undoubtedly add value to your home, so it’s no wonder that these structures are increasing in popularity UK-wide. Their flexible design and wide variety of styles means that verandas can be tailored to any taste and just about any home.

Especially if you are lucky enough to live near a beach, rolling fields or just an immaculately landscaped garden, a veranda can also help you make the most of your view.

What’s more, with a few simple yet stylish additions, you can make this living space an even more enjoyable and important part of your home life.

Here are a few solutions to think about:


With so many styles available in today’s market place, it shouldn’t be hard to find an awning that’s ideal for your tastes and budget. A sea view, for example, could be perfectly enhanced by sail shades to give a nautical theme. Alternatively, an urban view could be framed to perfection with a sleek, metal affair complete with shaded glass or panelling.


Plants really help bring your view closer. A city or urban setting can be enhanced by plants with large, flat and shiny leaves, for example. In a more rural location, think plants with variegated, delicate foliage, or ficus trees planted in terracotta pots to add a touch of elegance and class.

At the same time, there a number of ways to display plants to set off and frame your veranda. One idea is to try hanging baskets on the sides of your veranda to give the structure some greenery without spoiling the view.


The installation of a lattice is another way of enhancing the view from your veranda – and you can then use plants to make a whole wall of colour. A lattice can be positioned on the sides of or at the back of your veranda, can give privacy from a neighbouring house, or just look gorgeous in its own right. At the same time, you will be letting in shade without blocking light or airflow.

Wisteria on a lattice can provide vibrant colour and fragrance when in bloom, and dappled shade when it is in leaf. Trim your plants well and be careful not to let them completely overwhelm your lattice and you will enjoy it year round.


It may sound obvious, but with the addition of some decent furniture you will really increase your enjoyment of your garden. It’s worth investing in quality seating, which will last longer, as well as being far more comfortable to sit in.

Finally, another thing to think about, especially given the British weather, is veranda conservatories, which offer a protected pocket from where you can enjoy your garden within a bigger space – ideal if you have a large family.

Juliet England is an author and blogger, writing mainly for home improvement website such as Breckenridge Conservatories.