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Hotpants are extremely short shorts. They are sometimes described as shorts that are so short you may as well be wearing underpants. They are mostly worn by women, but a few daring men wear them too. In most parts of the world, they are considered extremely sexy.

Mary Quant is credited with coming up with these iconic shorts in the mid 60s. The legs on her new style of shorts were no more than 2cms long. They were super tight and really accentuated the bum. They looked especially good on someone with slender or long legs.

Hotpants Are Back In Style

Unfortunately, they quickly fell out of style, but were briefly popular again in the mid 70s. Whilst in the 1960s they were very much a fashion item in the 70s they were more likely to be seen worn by somebody playing sports.

Today, more and more retailers are once again stocking them. It is still largely women that are choosing to wear them, but men who wear swimming shorts are definitely going for these super short shorts as well. The materials that the shorts are made out of tend to be more lightweight than the hotpants of the 1960s. However, denim is still quite popular material for these iconic shorts. Because modern hotpants are made out of lighter material many of them include Lycra. This means that they are even more figure hugging than the original 1960s versions were.

Where to Find the Best Hotpants

At the moment, you can buy them practically anywhere. Most of the high-street clothing chains stock them and market stallholders are also buying them in for their clients. However, the choice you get is nowhere near as good as that you get on the web.

By buying your hotpants on the internet you can also get some really nice quality shorts without paying the earth for them. Getting the sizing right is easy because all you have to do is order the same size as the jeans or trousers you wear.



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