Why Choose Custom Jackets from Special Tailor?

Custom jackets are a must have for any man’s wardrobe. Whenever they are attending a job interview, business meeting or formal occasion, a fitted jacket will give them an air of professionalism and class which may very well work in their favour. Custom jackets are also fantastic as part of a casual wardrobe and can add an extra layer of sophistication to the most boring jeans and t-shirt outfit.

Custom jackets will also last a lot longer than any other jacket, thanks to the precise stitching, cut, and superior fabric which is used by tailors to create them.

Having a tailored jacket custom fit used to take a lot of time and a lot of cash to get right, but thanks to custom jackets from Special tailor that is no longer the case.

Special Tailor

Special Tailor is a fantastic website which allows men to order customised suits and jackets without ever having to visit as tailor. They can simply send their measurements in to the experienced tailors at Special Tailor and they will create a unique jacket which fits the customer perfectly.

Men who order from Special Tailor are given an unlimited choice of fabrics to choose from, so whether they’re fans of the classic black jacket, or they prefer something more quirky, they can create a tailored jacket which is perfect for them.

Special Tailor employs only the finest craftsmen who ensure that every garment which leaves them is of unsurpassed quality and cut. They are able to make jackets in a wide range of styles, so whether a man likes modern or traditional jackets, they will have no problem in achieving their look of choice.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

Many people worry that if they buy tailored clothing over the internet the will not get the perfect fit, but this is not a problem when ordering from Special tailor because they offer a Perfect Fit Guarantee which means that their customers can send their jacket back within 7 days, for a full return, no questions asked, so there really is no reason not to.



Special tailor is an internet based bespoke tailors. Custom jackets from Special tailor are unique, superior and guaranteed to fit, so give them a try today.