Quick and Easy Fashion Recruitment

The fashion industry is fast moving and frenetic one. To stay ahead of the game fashion houses and retailers need to move quickly. As a result, they do not have a great deal of time for things like recruitment. For this reason, it is important that they carry out the recruitment process in as efficient a way as possible.

Using the Reach of the Web

By far the most efficient approach is to use the internet to find people with the necessary experience. Given the fact that over 80% of people, in UK, go online first when they are looking for work it is clear that jobs advertised on the web will be the ones that are filled the quickest.

Today, it is possible to find job agencies with websites that specialise in recruiting primarily for the retail sector. Some, even focus solely on the fashion retail sector.

Whilst it is possible to advertise fashion roles on general websites, using a specialist job agency is a far the most efficient approach. The reason for this is that jobseekers who visit the websites of specialist job agencies are typically specifically looking for work within the fashion industry. They are usually doing so because they have worked in the industry before and would like to continue to do so. This means that the vast majority of the applicants you get from this source will be suitable for the roles you are trying to fill. On the surface, this may not seem particularly important, however, it does have a significant impact on how quickly you can find people with the right experience for your retail business.

Specifically targeted specialist websites providing access to their CV database means that you will not have to trawl through dozens of applications from people without the correct experience and qualifications. Given that even skim reading an application takes around 5 minutes, you will save yourself a considerable amount of time by not having to deal with too many unsuitable applicants. You only have to skim through 20 unsuitable applications to have wasted an hour of your time.

If you advertise your fashion retail roles on the top agency sites you will find the people you need quickly. Some agencies make the process even faster by giving you access to their database of applicant CVs.


Fashion recruitment at is made quick and easy. Using this specialist job agency you will be able to easily attract fresh talent to your company.