Want to Work in Retail? Try Fashion Retail

If you are interested in working in the retail sector there are several opportunities open to you. Across the UK, there are literally hundreds of thousands of shops, all of which need workers. The vast majority of people who work within the retail sector, work in food retail. Many people enjoy working in supermarkets and specialist food stores. However, if you are looking for something a little more challenging it is well worth trying the fashion retail sector instead.

Working in fashion tends to be more exciting than working in food retail. There is always something going on with new season releases coming in at least four times a year. In some fashion outlets, they renew their stock as often as once every six weeks. If you work in one of these outlets, you will get to see the very latest in fashion the moment it becomes available. You often do not need special qualifications to get involved in the fashion retail sector but some jobs may require a degree.

Once you have been working in the industry for a while you will get the chance to find out more about other aspects of the industry. Many of the smaller labels send experienced shop staff to conferences or fashion shows, which can be very exciting and entertaining.

In time, you can even branch out into another area of the industry. The bigger chains need a regular supply of head office staff. In most companies these staff are drawn from the shop floor.

It is even possible to branch out and become a buyer, which is one of the most exciting jobs you can do in fashion. Some firms even send their staff on training courses, which can make you more employable as well as more attractive to other retailers.

Finding your First Fashion Retail Job

If you want to you can take your CV from shop to shop. However, this is not a reliable way of finding work in the fashion industry. In addition, you should subscribe to and bookmark those job recruitment websites that the fashion industry uses when they are looking for workers. Doing so will allow you to quickly see what opportunities there are available in your area. By using the e-mail alert service, you will be able to quickly find your first fashion retail job.

If you are looking for a fashion retail job visit There you will find hundreds of vacancies, for which you can apply.