Why use an Online Job Agency?

If you are still doing your retail recruiting the old-fashioned way perhaps now is the time to stop and think about using an online job agency or hub instead. Doing so could save you an awful lot of time and money.

How it Works

There are two main ways to use online recruiting agencies to fill your retail roles. The first, and most commonly used, way is to simply post your job adverts on the agency’s website. The best websites make it extremely easy for you to do so. Typically, it is just a three-step process, which requires five or six minutes of your time. You can even use the job adverts you used to advertise in newspapers and the trade press. All you need to do is update the job advert then copy and paste from your PC to the agency’s website.

The second way of recruiting using an online job agency is to buy access to their database of CVs for a short period. If you want to find a suitable candidate for a particular role, simply scan the database and contact those candidates within the database that have the relevant experience and qualifications. Those that are interested in the role can respond and you can decide whether to invite them for interview or not. Within the retail sector, this can often mean filtering out those only interested in a job in fashion with the mistaken belief it will lead to a career as a fashion designer or similar mis-matches in candidates.

With the best websites there is no waiting around for your job advert to be published. As soon as you hit enter, your job will appear on the agency’s database and applicants can begin to apply. If you are in a hurry, being able to scan a database of people who are specifically looking for work in your sector will enable you to find the people you need extremely quickly, and again the best websites will offer this service. This method of screening is one of the quickest and most efficient techniques available.

Use the Right Retail Recruitment Agency

To get the most out of this recruitment method it is important that you choose the right retail job agency as your partner. The larger and well-established agencies tend to provide the best service. Typically, their websites are the ones that are visited the most jobseekers, which significantly increases the chances of your finding the right candidate, and doing so quickly. Online recruitment can significantly reduce the strain on already overtaxed retail management, making it one of the top choices for retail businesses.

To get started visit the RetailChoice website. There you will be able to quickly find the people your company needs to grow and prosper.