Package Holidays to Rhodes Have Much to Offer

Rhodes is a Greek island which has around 3000 hours of sunshine each and every year. It is believed that it is actually the sunniest place in all of Europe. This makes it the ideal holiday destination for Brits who are looking to escape the doom and gloom of the UK.

Package holidays to Rhodes are very affordable and so it is a very popular place to go for travellers who are on a budget or families who are looking for a cheap holiday solution which still has much to offering the way of sun, sea, sand and attractions.


Rhodes is most well-known for its buzzing nightlife which sees many young partygoers roll up each and every summer but there really is much more to the Greek Island than its admittedly excellent nightclubs and bars.

Rhodes is a place which has a rich history which is still evident in the old town; where ancient architecture is evident everywhere you look. There even a great museum where you can find ancient artefacts and evidence of the archaeological past of the sunny island if that is your thing.


Package holidays to Rhodes are particularly popular with sun worshippers and that is not surprising when you consider that there is over 130 miles of coastline to choose from and more sun than anywhere else in Europe.

Most of the beaches offer a full range of water sports for the more active amongst you and as there is so much beach to choose from, finding a secluded little nook is no problem at all.

Traditional Greece

If you prefer to experience authentic local life when on holiday, it is easy to do so with package holidays to Rhodes. All you need to do is travel a little further inland and you will find quaint villages nestled in leafy hills, where you can experience a more traditional pace of Greek life for a while.

No matter what you like to do on vacation, package holidays to Rhodes are a great choice which will allow you indulge in your favourite activities in a friendly, warm surrounding.


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