5 Best Tourist Attractions in Chicago

There are quite a lot of things to do in Chicago that a traveller might wonder just where to start from. From the natural beauty of the Michigan River flowing across the heart of the city to the stunning view of the Chicago high rises from the Sears Tower, one of the tallest buildings in the world, Chicago will treat you to a dream vacation. There is no doubt that Chicago has a large number of tourist attractions, however, there are certainly a selected handful that are by far the most well-liked by travellers here are some of the best tourist attractions in this city.

1. Buckingham Fountain

· Donated to the city by Kate Buckingham, this fountain is Chicago’s focus along Lake Michigan shore, and is a very popular destination spot for travellers and locals alike.

· Made of beautiful pink Georgia marble, the real attraction of this fountain is the light, water and the music show that take place every hour.

· Controlled by a computer in its underground pump room, it is an amazing display with a picture perfect background. This is why you will certainly see a wedding party having photos taken there during milder weather.

2. Lincoln Park Zoo

· Operated independently from the Chicago Park District by the Lincoln Park Zoological Society, this park is a leading Chicago attraction. The zoo is exceptional in that it offers a close setting thereby allowing tourists to have a closer look at the animal, unlike most zoos.

· Although established in 1868 (making it one of the oldest zoos in the United States), the zoo has been continuously updated and is amongst the most contemporary in terms of education, recreation, and conservation. This beautiful zoo has masterfully integrated modern exhibits with the traditional Chicago architecture of its past.

· Sticking to their slogan, “Lincoln Park Zoo is everyone’s zoo,” this zoo is devoted to permanently keeping its admission policy – everybody, either young or old, can enter for free, 365 days a year.

· This is the only zoo in Chicago that doesn’t charge an entrance fee, and it is one of the free major wildlife attractions in the whole country.

3. Navy Pier

· Initially a recreational and shipping facility, Navy Pier has a very rich history and has developed into one of the most popular spot for the travellers visiting Chicago.

· Navy Pier is separated into these areas: Gateway Park, Family Pavilion, South Arcade, Navy Pier Park, and Festival Hall.

· Being a center of lavish tour boats, one can board the cruises on Michigan from Navy Pier and watch the stunning fireworks at night from the pier.

4. Shedd Aquarium

· Built in the year 1930, Shed Aquarium is one among the best aquariums in the country and home to a remarkable variety of underwater life.

· This aquarium consists of these habitats: Caribbean Reef, Waters of the World, Amazon Rising, Oceanarium, and Wild Reef.

· Therefore, if you love fish and other aquatic wildlife, put this aquarium high on your agenda when visiting Chicago.

5. Sears Tower (Willis Tower) Skydeck

· Built in the year 1973 as the Sears Tower, it held the title of the world’s tallest building for twenty five years. Sears Tower was renamed the Willis Tower in the year 2009.

· It however lost that designation in the year 1998, but unless you are taking a trip to Kuala Lampur or Taipei any time soon, this tower is definitely the tallest skyscraper you are likely to visit.

· But in spite of its architectural height, there is one thing for sure; the Sears Tower Skydeck offers the best and most incredible views in Chicago.

· On a crystal clear day, you will be able to see into four states – Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan, since the range of view is fourty to fifty miles. It is certainly breathtaking!

In conclusion, Chicago is undoubtedly an amazing city. With the many attractions, any traveller, despite their age or reason of visit, will certainly find something that best suits their interests. When visiting Chicago, just remember to submit your esta application before the trip, in case you intend to travel under the visa waiver program. Visit Chicago and enjoy the natural beauty as well as the architectural marvel to their best!