Looking for a Job in Construction

At the moment finding a construction job in the UK is quite difficult. The amount of work that is available has fallen away. The latest figures published in the Construction Enquirer show that since the coalition came to power in the UK, 89,000 construction jobs have been lost. The amount of work available to UK construction workers and those working in related industries have fallen by around 10%.

However, that does not mean that there is not work out there. During that same period a lot of immigrant workers that had worked in the industry on some of the major projects, like the Olympics, have gone to other countries to start work on new contracts. In addition, quite a few builders have reached retirement age, so have left the job market. To some extent the people leaving the industry have countered the fact that less construction is taking place in the UK.

Most UK builders will tell you that finding a new job is not as easy as it once was. Many new applicants in the construction and built environment disciplines are having to settle for even less job security than before and are having to double their efforts when it comes to finding a job.

Specialist Recruitment Agencies Offer the Best Service

Unsurprisingly, many builders are turning to recruitment agencies to help them to find work. They realise, like many UK workers from other sectors that over 90% of all vacancies are now advertised online. Therefore, looking for jobs in the old way is no longer really effective. As a result, they are rightly focusing on those recruitment agencies that specialise in recruiting for the construction and built environment industries.

Finding work via construction and built environment agencies which post their jobs online is far easier than scouring the classifieds. Many builders appreciate the chance to be told via e-mail when jobs become available or to add their details to these recruitment websites. That way if a position they are qualified for becomes available employers get their CV given to them by the agency. For a builder who is working long hours on a project this approach is very beneficial.

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