Finding the Best Sales Jobs

There are always plenty of sales jobs available. Every kind of firm regardless of its size or type needs a strong sales team. Without the right sales team, companies tend to stagnate rather than grow. Over time, this can lead to the demise of the company.

Inevitably, existing customers drop away, they find someone who offers a better product or service or a firm that will do what you do for less. Slowly but surely a firm’s customer base will shrink if not topped up on a regular basis by new clients.

Most firms realise this, so do not cut their sales team. If you are looking for a new career becoming a salesperson can be a good move. However, it is important to realise that not all sales jobs are created equal. Most of these jobs pay well, and are secure, whilst others are offered by fly by night firms that do not pay a good wage. Do your research and look for the best roles.

Search by Industry

If you have already worked as a sales person in a specific area or industry, it makes sense to look for further work in that sector. The reason for this is that your previous experience will be valued. Potential employers will recognise that you understand their industry and the goods or services that they provide. As a result, you will be a far more effective sales representative, which means that you should sell more. Naturally, firms are prepared to pay more for people like that.

Search by Salary

There are two main ways sales personnel are paid, salaried or paid via bonuses. Most roles offer a basic salary with bonuses for each sale made. If you have lots of financial commitments it would be unwise to take on a role that only pays via a bonus scheme. Therefore, it makes sense to include the type of salary or amount paid as part of your search criteria when looking for sales jobs. Some firms do not advertise their pay structure, so it is not always possible to search for jobs in this way, but the majority do.



The jobs listings are some of the most comprehensive. They have hundreds of vacancies, across a range of industries in various parts of the UK.